Plastic Stationery Box Is Wary Of Excessive Plasticizer

At the beginning of the new semester, the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau organized the Hebei Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute to carry out quality and safety risk monitoring on student stationery, baby clothes and detergents, sun protection clothing and other products, and found that some products have certain quality Safety risks, issuing risk warnings: plastic pencil boxes are wary of excessive plasticizers, suffocation hazards may occur if writing pens are swallowed by mistake, and special detergents for infants and young children beware that fluorescent brighteners do not meet the standards.

Plastic stationery boxes are mostly made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is the most widely used synthetic resin material in my country. The Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau randomly purchased 20 batches of samples from the market and conducted risk monitoring on 4 items including phthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, short-chain chlorinated paraffins, and solvent residues. In accordance with GB 6675.1-2014 "Toy Safety Part 1: Basic Specifications", GB/T 22048-2015 Determination of specific phthalate plasticizers in toys and children's products and other related index parameters and quality requirements of student supplies, A comprehensive analysis of the risk monitoring data revealed that 1 of the 10 batches of products did not meet the requirements. Phthalates are the main plasticizers of PVC. Prolonged exposure can interfere with human body secretion, affect the reproductive system, and cause damage to the cardiovascular, liver and urinary systems.

It is recommended that when purchasing stationery, parents and children should focus on practicality, take a look and smell it, and choose more simple and generous stationery with a normal smell. Avoid purchasing products that do not indicate the name of the manufacturer, the address of the manufacturer, and the product without a certificate. In addition, parents should cultivate their children's good study habits and hygiene habits, and don't let their children bite or suck various school supplies.

In addition, the inspection found that the three indicators of cap size, cap ventilation area, and cap air circulation of a batch of writing pens did not meet the requirements, and there was a risk of suffocation caused by students accidentally swallowing. 5 batches of fluorescent brighteners for special laundry detergents for infants and young children do not meet the requirements.