Tips for choosing a pencil case

Don’t choose iron pencil boxes. Falling on the ground will affect class. At the same time, iron ones are not safe. Choose simple pencil boxes with front and back sides or double layers. Do not choose pencil boxes with buttons that pop up. Distract children. There is also a kind of pencil case made of cloth, its real name is "pen bag", and it is the "new favorite of stationery case" of primary and middle school students in recent years. It is easy to carry and practical, which is very suitable for children.

Pencils: Children in the first grade should not choose mechanical pencils. Automatic lead is not good and it breaks easily. Do not have an eraser on the pencil, it will not wipe clean, do not choose a cartoon pattern, and do not have a round pen barrel, which is easy to roll on the ground.
It is more suitable for first-year students to choose the triangular pencil. The three sides of the triangular pencil correspond to the grip position of the three fingers. The triangular pencil has better placement stability than other pencils. 6-8 pieces can be prepared, which is easy to use. Don't sharpen both sides. The other end is easy to hurt. It is recommended to put a sticker on the other end and write one word in the child's name to distinguish it. There are many children who drop their pencils, and they can't tell who it is.

Ruler: Prepare a ruler that has a wavy line on one side and a straight line on the other. The straight end is used for connecting or drawing lines, and the wavy end can be used for reading comprehension.

Eraser: Choose ordinary 2B or 4B soft erasers. Don’t buy scented ones, which may contain unhealthy volatile substances. Don’t buy ones that are too novel and fun to prevent children from having fun in class.
When children use the eraser to make a typo, hold the notebook with their hands, and then gently wipe with the eraser to make it clean and tidy.

Pencil sharpener: buy a pencil sharpener wrapped in a plastic shell to prevent children from being injured by the blade; although there are more convenient hand-cranked pencil sharpeners and even electric pencil sharpeners on the market, they are too bulky. Putting it on the child’s desk takes up too much space, and accidentally falls to the ground, which can easily throw the pencil sawdust out, which is difficult to clean up.