Please use the utility knife correctly

1. Introduction to utility knife
The utility knife is also commonly known as a carving knife or a wallpaper knife. It is a knife used for art and handicrafts. It is mainly used to cut soft objects. It consists of two parts: a plastic handle and a blade. It is widely used in various operations. If it is used improperly, it may cause injuries due to sharp points and sharp blades.

2. Safety requirements for the use of utility knife
    a. During operation, the blade running track is not aimed at the human body;
    b. When the knife holder is damaged, stop using it and do not hold the blade to work;
    c. It is not suitable for the operation of the utility knife, and should not be used reluctantly to avoid the blade from breaking and hurting people;
    d. During operation, adjust the blade length correctly according to the actual situation, and retract the blade holder when not in use;
    e. When the blade is damaged, repair and replace it in time, use professional tools, and it is forbidden to replace it by hand.